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Single Page Shortcode

CMC currency details” page supports below shortcodes – You can use these shortcodes to display dynamic information on 1700+ single coin pages. You can find these shortcodes anytime inside
Crypto Plugins >> Coin Market cap >> Coin Settings >> Documentation

					1. [cmc-coin-name type="name"] – This is used if display the coin name in a single page.
					2. [cmc-coin-name type="symbol"]– This is used if display the coin symbol in a single page.
					3. [cmc-dynamic-title]– Add dynamic H1 title anywhere inside your coins page.
					4. [cmc-dynamic-description]– Show custom description/content on coins page.
					5. [cmc-affiliate-link]– Display buy/sell buttons using changelly.com affiliate URL.
					6. [coin-market-cap-details]– This is used to Display Price, Market Cap, Changes, Supply & Volume.
					7. [cmc-coin-extra-data]– This is used to Display coin social links and official website URL.
					8.[cmc-calculator] This is used to Calculate the amount of one currency into another one.
					9. [coin-market-cap-description] – This is used to Show custom content or content from API. If you add custom content for coins then it doesn’t show content from API otherwise it shows.
					10. [cmc-chart]– This is used to Show price chart in 1day, 7day, 1month, 3month, 6month, 1year, and users also sort this according to date.
					11. [cmc-history]– This is used to Show Historical Data. By default, it shows the current date first and then sorting data in descending order.
12. Something wrong with URL – This is used to Show coin exchanges data. for this shortcode output you have to use Cryptocurrency Exchanges List PRO plugin.
					13. [cmc-technical-analysis autosize="true" theme="light"] This is used to Show technical analysis of coin using diagram.
					14. [cmc-twitter-feed]– This is used to Show twitter news feed of coins.
					15. [coin-market-cap-comments]– Display facebook comment box.