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Version 4.5 | 8 Sept 2021

Added:- CMB2 settings panel
Removed:- Titan Settings panel
Fixed:- Coin Description from API
Fixed:- Category ajax notice
Fixed:– Issue with Rank math SEO plugin

Version 4.4 | 23 July 2021

Added:- chart current date data
Fixed:- Multiple shortcode same page not working
Fixed:- Live changes color in mobile view
Fixed:- In table searching in mobile view
Fixed:- Twitter load more issue in advance design
Improvements:- chart date formatting

Version 4.3 || 03 June 2021

Added:- New version of amchart
Added:- All translation file and pot file
Improved:- Optimized Single page loading speed
Improved: Managed coin historical data in standalone table
Fixed: Removed coins tweets transients.Conditionaly loaded coins tweets
Improved: Assets folder structure and minified css/js
Improved: added JS defer loaded on coin single page
Improved: Loaded Single page content using ajax.
Improvements:- Single page loading Speed
Improvements:- improved category code/disable coin list code  after activation and update.
Improvements:- Twitter feed, cmc calculator code
Fixed:- Disable coins issue in search result
Fixed:- Design issue on single page, zero value issue in single page chart
Fixed:- Disable/enable coin from top gainer/losers list (edited)

Version 4.2.1 ||  14/April/2021

Fixed:- Table not exist bug

Version 4.2 || 14/April/2021

Integrated:- Category settings
Improvements:- Live changes code improved
Updated:- New column in the database

Version 4.1.1 | 04/03/2021

Fixed: Top loser data loading issue.
Improved: Database query.

Version 4.1 | 01/02/2021

Added: New coin logo for newly added coins.
Vietnamese dong (VND) added to the fiat currency list.
Translation text added (1D,7D etc) for the chart in single coin page.
Favourite coins get removed on page reload.
 Link on coin search does not show data on currency fiat currency selection.
Improved: Updated logos for coins.
Improved: Automatic License deactivation on plugin deactivation.
Improved: Single coin page works with fiat currency selector on the main coin table.

Version 4.0.2 | 18/11/2020

Added: Translation for `loading` text in top looser/gainer table.
Fixed: Chart not working on coin’s single details page (simple design).
Fixed: Missing ad-banner images in admin settings.
Fixed: Sorting issue for market_cap column in main coin’s list.
Fixed: Missing CSS animation in the coins enable/disable list.

Version 4.0.1 | 05/11/2020

Fixed: Main coin’s table search functionality.
Fixed: Minor js/PHP issues.
Improved: Single coin page (advanced) rendering.

Version 4.0.0 | 27/10/2020

Optimize the Main coin’s list search.
Removed: The coin’s icon was removed from the coin’s search.
Added: New Crypto Addon Menu
Fixed: Coin disables settings reset after the plugin’s update.
Optimize: PHP code for WordPress 5.5.1

Version 3.9.2 | 29/09/2020

Improved: API with frequent new coins.
Improved: Remove coins with.
Fixed: [coin-name] shortcode for custom description.
Fixed: Historical table mismatch data issues.
Fixed: Missing banner images.
Fixed: Missing zoom-in/zoom-our bar for charts.
Fixed: Database conflict with widget pro.

Version 3.9.1 | 17/08/2020

Fixed: Compatibility issue with Elementor’s front-end editor.
Fixed: Responsive design issue with the coin’s main table.
Fixed: Various JS Conflicts with WordPress 5.5.
Fixed: Infinite next button issue in exchanges coin pair table
Improved: Plugin’s registration process and code integrity.
Improved: Merged Buy and Sell button in coin’s single details page.
Removed: ‘Read More’ text from the coin’s description due to compatibility issues.
Removed: All external links of CSS / JS and hosted files inside plugins.

Version 3.9| 04/08/2020

Added: A total of 5000 crypto coins are available ( data from CoinGecko API V3 ).
Added: Logos for missing coins.
Added: Settings for adding/updating new coins data.
Added: Two separate shortcodes, [coin-name] & [coin-symbol] for a single coin details page.
Added: 7 days percent changes available for main coin’s table (options in shortcode).
Added: 30 days percent changes available for main coin’s table (options in shortcode).
Added: 1Year percent changes available for main coin’s table (options in shortcode).
Removed: Coin’s symbol from [coin-name] shortcode for single coin details page.
Removed: PHP Session due to performance issues.
Removed: CDN links of CSS & JS files.
Removed: Supported currencies, global rank etc due to API data unavialibility.
Fixed: Russian translation bug.
Fixed: ‘display coins per page‘ settings not working in enable/disable coin list.
Fixed: wrong permission for the ‘Registration’ page (submenu).
Fixed: database table not created issues.
Fixed: custom 404 page not working in Divi theme.
Fixed: Compatibility issues with Cryptocurrency Widgets are Free.
Improved: Database scheme for better performance.
Improved: CSS for firefox & mobile chrome.
Improved: Exchange coin/pairs table (Available only when Exchange Pro plugin is active).
Improved: various translation languages.
Improved: Compatibility with Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro plugin.
Improved: More accurate price data for 7days chart.

Version 3.8| 15/05/2020

Added: Coin disable functionality for all coins via Coin Market Cap > Coins List
Added: Compatibility with MathRank SEO Plugin.
Fixed: Coin Single page CSS design issues in firefox.
Fixed: Multiple custom coin descriptions for the same coin.
Improved: CSS & JS optimization for a performance boost.

Version 3.7 | 24/02/2020

Added:- Integrated security nonce in ajax request
Added:- Integrated Ajax-based Top Gainer/Losers
Added:– Integrated New review Notice
Fixed:- Column undefined index issues
Fixed:- Missing default logo issue
Fixed:- Missing coins in search bar result
Removed:- Removed download logo notice
Improved:– Managed Posttypes in the class file
Improved:- Managed Download in a separate class
Improved:- main file overall code
Improved:- added admin-based checks
Improved :- File structure