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Deactivate License

For Crypto ICO List Widgets Pro, you can use 1 license on 1 website only, you need to purchase 2 licenses if you want to use the plugin on 2 websites. You can deactivate the license from 1 website anytime to use it on another website.

When do you need to deactivate your License Key?

Remember to uninstall or deactivate the license first if:-
  1. You are moving a website from localhost to a live/production server.
  2. You are moving a website from one domain / hosting to another domain or hosting.
  3. You want to use the license on another domain or sub-domain instead of the current domain.

How to deactivate License?

Follow below mentioned steps to deregister the License key:-
1.) Go to Crypto Plugins >> License
2.) Click on Uninstall License button to deactivate the license.
Crypto ICO List Widgets Pro License deactivation