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News Feed

  1. Type:- Select “News Feed” in Type option for News Feed Widget.

  2. Background Color:- Users can easily customize Background color in any design.

  3. Font Color:- Users can easily customize Font color in any design.

  4. Disable From Pages(Page id’s):- Enter page id where you don’t want to display ticker.
  5. News Feed Layout:- Select the option in which you want to display the News Feed.
    • List View
    • Ticker
  6. News Feed Url(First):- Enter URL for News Feed, For eg: https://cointelegraph.com/feed/
  7. News Feed Url(Second):- If you would like to show news from two different sources then enter another(second) Url for News Feed, For eg: https://news.bitcoin.com/feed/
  8. Number of News:- Enter the number of News to display in news feed.

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