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Exchange Single Page Shortcodes

cmc exchange details” page supports below 8 shortcodes – You can use these shortcodes to diaply dynamic information on 200+ single exchange pages. You can find these shortcodes anytime inside wp-dashboard >> Crypto Plugins >> Crypto Exchanges >> Settings
					1. [celp-exchange-name]– Use exchange name to generate dynamic content.
					2. [celp-detail]– Show exchange logo and and an information table about exchange volume, pairs, coins, alexa rank etc.
					3. [celp-dynamic-title]– Add dynamic H1 title anywhere inside your exchange page.
					4. [celp-description]– Show custom description/content on exchange page.
					5. [celp-affiliate-link]– Show exchange affiliate link on exchange page.
					6. [celp-dynamic-description]– Add dynamic words about excahnge anywhere inside your exchange page.
					7. [celp-currencies-pairs]– Show exchange markets / trading pairs table.
					8. [celp-twitter-feed]– Show twitter news feed of exchange – You must install “Smash Ballon Twitter Feed” free plugin to show twitter feed of exchanges automatically via this shortcode.
					9. [celp-comments]– Show Disqus blog comment hosting service of exchange.