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Cryptocurrency Search Addon Features

Cryptocurrency Search Addon For Crypto Plugins
Features & About Us

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Search Anything

You can use this crypto addon either with 1 or all three crypto plugins:
Cryptocurrency Search addon

Advanced Search Box

You can use this crypto addon either with 1 or all three crypto plugins Coins Marketcap, Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro and Crypto ICO List Widgets Pro.

Hide or Show Search Icon

You can easily hide or show search icon in the search box.

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Smart Shortcodes

Place shortcode anywhere inside your website page to show crypto search box inside your website.

Change Placeholders

Generate transaction reports of cryptocurrencies sent to and from wallet addresses

Hide Search Icon

You can easily Hide or Show the search icon with this plugin shortcode.

Different Layouts

You can choose any of these three layouts in a shortcode.
crypto search addon layouts

20+ Fiat Currencies

Show cryptocurrencies price in 20+ fiat currencies – USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, PLN, AUD, MXN, CAD, HKD, INR  etc..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptocurrency search addon is compatible with 3 crypto plugins – Coins MarketcapCryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro & Crypto ICO List Widgets Pro.
You can either use it with any single plugin or use with all three. If you use it with a single crypto plugin then you can only search its values like if you use this addon with only Coins Marketcap then you can only search coins inside it.

[ ccsa ico-source="both" layout="medium" search-icon="true" placeholder="Search Coins / Exchanges / ICOs" coins-label="Coins" exchanges-label="Exchanges" ico-label="ICOs"  search-for="icos,exchanges,coins" ]
  • ico-source = both / api / local (Show icos in search from API, local or both places.)
  • layout = small / medium / large (Search box size adjustments.)
  • search-icon = true / false (Show search icon in search box.)
  • placeholder = Any text here… (Default text to show inside search box.)
  • coins-label = Any text here… (Title to show above coins suggestion.)
  • exchanges-label = Any text here… (Title to show above exchanges suggestion.)
  • ico-label = Any text here… (Title to show above ICOs suggestion in ajax search.)
  • search-for = icos,exchanges,coins (Search filters)

Yes, please share your requirements document with our support team at We will assign a developer for any customization task.

You can contact us directly via email at for any pre-sale query or premium plugin support.