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ICO NameMonster Galaxy
Start DateJanuary 16, 2022
End DateJanuary 16, 2022
4 Months ago

Monster Galaxy is an exciting mobile game inspired by Pokemon and Monster Hunter.

The 13th Dev Team Q&A is out! 📰
Want to know when the next airdrop is? 🎁
That and more in this weeks article! 👀


We have announced our winners for our 3rd Moga Design Contest. Please head over to our Medium article to read more:

Monster Galaxy Team

Hey, Tamers!

You're gonna love Luna! 🌙
The last of Reina's sisters👯She's a resourceful world traveler🌎who sails the seas in her trusty boat⛵️& when you reach the Zodiac islands🏝 she'll ferry you around!
So, now that you've met all 4 sisters...Who's your fave?💚 #P2E #gaming

🎊MonsterGalaxy #MOGA in Motion Series🎊

Beware of Blackgold!⚠️This ancient draconic Moga🐉has got laser focus & if you dare to face him in a fight, you risk going down in flames🔥

Watch him in action🎬in this brand new animation & leave your reaction!👇

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