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ICO NameMetarun
Start DateJanuary 27, 2022
End DateJanuary 27, 2022
4 Months ago

Metarun is a blockchain-based P2E and P2W endless mobile runner game with NFT assets.

❓ We'll be hosting a quiz soon to see how much of the Metarun Universe you've come to know⚙️

More on the Metarun Universe story is out now; learn how, when, and where the action took place on the Metarun world🌏:

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🏃‍♂️Metarunners! Don't forget, Our $100,000💰 Ambassador Program is live 🔥

Strengthening⚡️ the Metarun community by uniting the most active Metarunners worldwide through limitless opportunities for self-expression 🚀

Details here👉:

#play2earn #NFT #BNB

Introducing another intriguing character in the Metarun Universe: Penna! 🦋

Her story is one that moves our hearts. And surprisingly, she's connected to Oro's origin - Yes, Oro! The Automaton, remember him? 🤖

Full story on Discord:

#P2E #UE5 #gamefi 🎮

😲Did you know that Ignis was once banned from MetaTown after a spell went wrong? What's Ignis' Story, and how did she end up on Metarun?

Join us to learn more as we explore the Metarun 🌏 Universe and its characters:

#P2E #UE5 #gamefi #mobilegaming 🎮

Today, we begin an exciting and exhilarating journey into the story behind each character in the Metarun 🌍 Universe.

Here's ORO, an automaton who belongs to the FIGHTER clan. 🦾🤖

👁️Know his full story at:

#P2E #UE5 #gamefi #

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