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ICO NameMedikhanaX
Start DateNovember 01, 2021
End DateJanuary 31, 2022
PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
3 Months ago

While many industries are moving to blockchain to solve their current problems, the agricultural sector has mostly been forgotten. MedikhanaX is bridging this gap by using blockchain to ensure agricultural industries access to quality assurance, sales tracking, and technical cultivation support to farmers who grow cannabis, Kratom, fruits and vegetables. In addition, MedikhanaX supports those who want to engage in cannabis-related businesses in South East Asia to get licenses. It supports growing, distributing and selling cannabis-related products.

MedikhanaX uses the Japanese agricultural IoT system to ensure the high standards are maintained. The Japanese are well-known for exceeding international standards when it comes to facilities, equipment and technology. As a result, Medikhana-supported products are of premium quality.

The company has tapped into the explosive CBD industry, which is growing by the day as more and more people discover the advantages of CBD products. Using a blockchain model ensures transparency. Through blockchain, there is traceability from cultivation through manufacturing, distribution and sales. This, as a result, helps consumers track and confirm the quality and safety of their products. Blockchain also helps to filter out unethical operators in the market.

Combining blockchain, IoT, and other AgriTech technologies ensures CBD production is secure, transparent and efficient. It also drives quick partnerships with interested parties and faster growth of the company's value.

Medikhana has partnered with Siam Reiwa (2020) Co., Ltd. or Reiwa in Buriram, which manufactures and sells CBD products. Reiwa is the first Japanese-based company in South East Asia to acquire a hemp license. The Reiwa company will act as an anchor that may drive the development of a cannabis industrial park in the future.

Medikhana is strategically located in Singapore, an international market hub with a thriving business and regulatory environment. Its production location is in Thailand, which is also ideal for climate, business and regulation. As an additional strategy, Medikhana engages in technical exchanges with companies in Israel, the hub for medical cannabis, to ensure it produces high-quality cannabis and CBD products. Medikhana complies with the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for total quality control (TQC). For exemplary performance, the company has accomplished managers and advisors onboard.

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