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ICO NameLockness
Start DateJanuary 11, 2022
End DateJanuary 11, 2022
PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
4 Months ago

What Is Lockness (LKN)?

Lockness is a protection, a decentralized gateway innovated for crypto payments all around the world.
The only payment gateway where users can buy and sell goods and services on any platform at any time, under the protection of a P2P escrow system. The PayPal of crypto!
Not only Lockness has its own mobile app and wallet for both iOS and android but also supports NFC payments.

LKN is the native utility token that is used to:

• Claim discounted fees upon the seller
• Reward buyers with a percentage reflection of each transaction
• Utilise (LKN) as a form or medium of accepted currency
• Integrate our transaction based liquidity pool
• Stake and farm integration

Lockness tools include:

its own SDK platform which is used in integration for major businesses and E-Commerce clients.


The signs that #DeFi is already transforming traditional financial services are everywhere. Curiosity and enthusiasm for #NFTs, #crypto, and other new #Web3 opportunities is growing.

Sadly, bad actors loom as well. Explore this emerging industry securely with a #coverpolicy.

Have you been using the lockness web app? You can use the testnet app at http://Locknessescrow.io and provide us with feedback for some awesome rewards!🎁

Have already tested? Let us know which features you likes the most down below in the comments 🎉

#Lockness #LKN #Binance

Today, our personal data gets breached, monetized and even weaponized against us, but decentralized solutions are granting full control over users’ information back to users.

Let's find out how #web3 can strengthen data protection. #DeFi #cybersecurity


Web Safety Tip:👑

Review and validate every app and #crypto exchange you use for security features.

Protect your digital assets with Lockness 🦕

#Lockness #LKN #Binance

Send money in seconds!🚀

Do more with friends – send money, split bills and pool funds with our Lockness Application quickly and easily, with just a email address!

#Lockness #LKN #Binance

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