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ICO NameChainport
Start DateFebruary 04, 2022
End DateFebruary 04, 2022
3 Months ago

ChainPort is a permissionless crypto bridge that lets you port any crypto token (atm, ERC20 native) to different blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and others within just seconds.

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Why is ChainPort the most secure bridge in the space? πŸ‘€

- Fund segregation with 95% of the funds in cold vaults by @FireblocksHQ and @gnosisSafe
- Machine learning models to detect unusual behaviors
- Multiple contract audits

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The market is not at its peak right now. So it's a great time to continue building!

ChainPort Milestones for the next couple of weeks

πŸ”₯ Cardano full integration
⚑️ Adding more EVMs
⭐️ $PORTX launch with fee mechanism for major utility

and more! πŸ‘€

Port tokens within 3 minutes with just a wallet πŸ‘€

ChainPort leads the way in creating bridge security and permissionless porting ⚑️

$PORTX will benefit everyone in our ecosystem with our rev-share model. More on our fee mechanism coming soon πŸ”₯ stay tuned! is in the Top 10 bridges on by TVL!

Full interoperability in maximum security!

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Gamerse LFG Native Token Ported from #BNBChain to #Polygon for Full EVM Cross-Chain Interoperability via ChainPort ⚑️

$LFG holders can now port between chains within 3 minutes πŸ”₯

@Gamersenft $LFG is trading on @QuickswapDEX

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