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ICO NameCardashift
Start DateJanuary 21, 2022
End DateJanuary 31, 2022
in 1 Week

### What is Cardashift?
Cardashift builds an ecosystem of products and services based on Cardano blockchain technology to foster sustainable development, including its social and environmental dimensions.

The ecosystem is powered by CLAP utility token, which can be leveraged to fund above-mentioned transitions.

The very first product in our ecosystem, Cardashift Launchpad, is set to be the first ADA-based launchpad for impact projects.

### What is our value proposition?
We will provide two unique enablers to boost projects with a meaningful social and environmental impact:
* Enabler 1: Allow non-dilutive funding by leveraging Cardano blockchain
* Enabler 2: Boost success rates with acceleration frameworks to support project leaders

### Why is the project unique?
* A-level team: a mix between the best of the blockchain world and the best of the business world
* Ongoing partnerships with impact world experts
* First impact-oriented launchpad on Cardano
* Choosing Cardano offers us a huge level of security and scalability on the infrastructure
* Ambition to become a completely decentralized ecosystem

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Please give a warm welcome to
Jacques Berger as Ambassador of Cardashift!✨
Jacques is the managing director of @ActionTankEP, with a recognized expertise on social impact

Welcome to the Cardashift Family, Jacques! 💙👇

1️⃣Building a functional launchpad with the 1st iterations of the project journey
👉voting system
👉support/IDO/acceleration for projects
2️⃣Building key enablers to make our ecosystem work #STAKING #DEX #Wallet
3️⃣Growing our community🚀
Check our website & today's article (below)


@cardano_daily @cardashift What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021?Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Bep20 - 0x79C8d1B0630a188c452aAff0291e52e8457223fd

What about after our ICO?🧐
If you're wondering how @cardashift will achieve its purpose, here is our ambitious #roadmap! 🤝

Join us! Our ICO is coming 🚀 (KYC open)

#DebugTheWorld 💫

Please give a warm welcome to @wnipos as Ambassador of Cardashift!🚀
Quentin is an active member of the Cardano community, hosting the Podcast Cardano FR

Welcome to the Cardashift Family, Quentin! 💙👇
#CardanoCommunity #ADA #CoinMarketCap

Quest n°4 ⚔️ Earn +1 LVL and a chance at winning 1M $CLAP!

Here's how it works
👉 Take the best plant picture and post it on Discord on: 🪴│2-days-of-chill
👉 The 10 best plants will be selected by our team

⌛️ : 2 days
🏆 : +1 LVL for 10 lucky winners


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