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ICO NameBattle of Guardians
Start DateJanuary 03, 2022
End DateJanuary 07, 2022
4 Months ago

Battle of Guardians is a real-time multiplayer NFT fighting game developed in Unreal Engine and built on the Solana Network.


Hella is one of the oldest pure Demons. She is one of the best ice witches, learning ice magic as she lives in the deepest ground of ice. She can manipulate space, air, and time, making it hard to defeat her despite her low level of defense.


Shade is a shadow master with a unique magnetic movement body that allows him to move very fast in the shadows. He can be manipulative, throwing attacks from the ground then escapes into thin air. Originating from Asshren, he protects the city from a dark place.

Fighters! Curious how we develop Battle of Guardians?! Check our behind the scenes below👇


As the Altar leader in Soorga, Freya effectively controls the fire elements and fights Demons alongside Humans. She moves expeditiously, trying to combat all demon races with the help of human intelligence on the battle ground.

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IDO Ended
ICO NameBattle of Guardians
Start DateJanuary 04, 2022
End DateJanuary 04, 2022