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ICO NameAstrono
Start DateNovember 22, 2022
End DateNovember 26, 2022
StagePrivate Sale
1 Week ago

Happy New Month everyone

Game tip: Your in-game trophies can either be sold for real money or utilized to help you become more competitive in the game.

Choose wisely!

#web3 #gaming #astrono #P2E

#Astrono users are offered opportunities to improve their assets, participate in competitions, customize their assets and create their own NFT.

How cool is that!
Get on board

#web3 #gaming #P2E

Astrono envisions a world where wealth-building strategies that were once only accessible to affluent individuals become available to everyone!

With #astrono, the plan is wealth for everyone

#gaming #P2E #nfts

This is totally me every Sunday 😂

Meanwhile we have a couple of things planned for next week

Stay tuned:

#web3 #P2E #astrono

🔥 We're already counting hours to the end of the first pre-sale

Thanks to everyone that has bagged #astrono, It's definitely to the moon

We have a couple of tokens left you can purchased yours at a discount rate

#P2E #gaming

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