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This website and its products are managed by
  • Cool Plugins is the Parent Company: Cool Plugins is the company responsible for the development and management of all plugins listed on this website.
  • Not Created or Maintained by “Cryptocurrency Plugins” Team: This website and its products are not created or maintained by “Cryptocurrency Plugins” WordPress plugin team or its parent company “Liquid Web”.
  • Free and Premium Addons: Cool Plugins publishes free addons inside the WordPress plugin directory and premium addons are available on this website.
  • Works Only with “Cryptocurrency Plugins” : These addons only work if “Cryptocurrency plugins” is installed first. They extend the features of “Cryptocurrency Plugins” plugin inside your website.
  • Un-official Addons: All addons developed by Cool Plugins and listed on this site are un-official addons for “Cryptocurrency Plugins” free plugin. This website ( and the plugins listed on it have no connection with the official “Cryptocurrency Plugins” and its author.
  • Support Contact: For any support related to the addons developed by Cool Plugins, do not contact the official “Cryptocurrency Plugins” author or its team. Instead, contact us via the support page on this site for any help related to any addon developed by Cool Plugins.
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